·      Price of the piece + $3 studio fee per painter

·      Deposit of $10 required for the loan of kit materials

       * Deposit will be returned in the form of a $10 Studio Gift Card

       * If materials are not returned on agreed upon date, you will be billed $50 for loss of materials.

·      Materials will be checked in and checked out at the time of pick up and drop off. Any missing materials that are non-consumable may be subject to a charge.

Your Kit Includes:

·      12 ounces of colors of your choice.

·      You may pick glazes or acrylics. Pieces that are glazed will need to be returned to The Studio to be fired and picked up within 7-10 days.

·      10 tools, including but not limited to brushes, sponges, etching tools, or writer bottles.

·      Pottery piece or pieces of your choice.

Consider Pottery-on-the-Go for an Event

·      Requires a minimum of 2 weeks notice.

·      Customize your selection of pieces (maximum of 5)

·      Twelve popular colors

·      All materials provided: brushes, sponges, palettes, paper towels, water cups.

·      Access to water preferred.

·      Studio Staff can be hired for your event. $30 for two hours and $10 each additional hour.